1/48 F-22 Raptor

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Aviões Militares Modernos
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Kit em plástico para montar, colar e pintar.
A caixa contém o kit, decalques e as instruções de montagem.
Produtos a adquirir à parte: tintas, cola, pincéis e ferramentas.

The F-22 Raptor represents the new air superiority fighter presently under construction for the U.S. Air Force. It will eventually substitute the F-15 Eagles which have been in service since the late seventies. The Raptor design uses the most recent engine technologies to reach super-sonic speed without afterburners. Furthermore it will be equipped with highly sophisticated electronic equipment for its weapons control. The weapons are carried inside the fuselage to avoid radar detection and to improve the planes aerodynamic features.
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Model Dim: 41,0cm