Italeri 1/72 F-35A Lightning II (Beast Mode)

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Kit em plástico para montar, colar e pintar.
A caixa contém o kit, decalques e as instruções de montagem.
Produtos a adquirir à parte: tintas, cola, pincéis e ferramentas.

Italeri 1464

The JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program was established to develop a new fifth-generation all-weather multirole combat aircraft able to replace the United States and NATO strike-fighters. The aerospace industry team led by Lockheed Martin created the single-seat, single-engine, F-35 Lightning II. It utilises stealth technology and is characterized by its trapezoidal wings plus the incorporation of the most advanced hi-tech materials and avionic systems. Designed in several different configurations, its role is to provide air superiority, close air support and engage in ground attack missions. The F-35A is the conventional takeoff and landing variant, the F-35B is the short takeoff and vertical landing variant and the F-35C, with foldable-wings, has been developed to be used from deck carriers. Due to its operational flexibility, the advanced on-board technology and the impressive project innovation, the fighter has been favourably received and deployed by many countries’ air forces.