Tamiya 1/24 GMA (Gordon Murray Automotive) T.50

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Kit em plástico para montar, colar e pintar.
A caixa contém o kit, decalques e as instruções de montagem.
Produtos a adquirir à parte: tintas, cola, pincéis e ferramentas.

Tamiya 24364

★This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 181mm, width: 77mm, height: 49mm (68.5mm when engine hood is open). ★The cutting-edge aerodynamic form of the car is captured in style. ★The large rear fan has realistic depictions of internal ducts. ★The interior, V12 engine and suspension are faithfully recreated. ★Separate parts for open and closed engine hood can be swapped in and out after completion. ★Windows are attached without cement, and their frames do not require painting. ★Photo-etched parts recreate rear bumper mesh. ★Engine head logos, rear lamp interior parts and more are metal transfers. ★Solid synthetic rubber tires are employed.